Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Make a Fashion Statement!

If you would like to make a fashion statement at the next wedding, or business meeting you attend, while still preserving that Formal look then it’s time to get a pair of suspenders. Imagine when you remove your suit jacket and you are sporting a pair of red suspenders. What a great conversation piece and Red is such an eye-grabber.

Suspenders not only look great but they also help hold up your pants. At there are many colors and styles of suspenders to choose from. The hot colors for 2011 include Red, Navy, and Traditional Black.

Novelty Bowties - Who, Why and Where.

While popularity in bowties had paled in comparison to men’s silk ties the bowtie has made a huge comeback in the past few years as a fashion and novel men’s accessory.
Men of all ages and backgrounds are now wearing bow ties including big name celebrities, politicians and fashion designers.

While it has always been the norm to wear a bowtie to a black tie event a lot of people are mixing it up by wearing novelty bow ties. Besides being different these bowties are a great conversation piece. For all you single guys the woman won’t be able to resist talking to you.

As with everything in life when items are popular there are a whole host of companies jumping on the trend and selling the hottest and latest fashion. However when it comes to totally unique items such a novelty silk bowties there are very few suppliers. Items are very expensive and selection is limited

Fortunately we have you covered. At we specialize in the unique items and novelty bow ties are no exception. We have a large collection of over 60 designs of silk novelty bowties with everything from sailboats, golfers and many other interesting designs on them. Break the mold. Be different. Pick up one, two or even five of these bowties. You’ll be glad you did.

Aim to impress with matching a tie correctly

Neckties make the man. Regardless of it being for a business meeting, job interview, formal event or to wear casually with a pair of jeans the tie completes the outfit.
It is important to know how to co-ordinate the tie with the outfit and what kind of tie is appropriate for an event. Another important aspect of the tie is the correct length. Ideally the widest part of the tie should lie in the middle of the belt buckle. This being said it is important for tall and/or bigger men to wear an extra long tie rather than a regular length tie. Larger men should look for ties that are about 64 inches in length. has over 250 extra long ties in every color and pattern for you to select from

While there are many ways to match the correct shirt and tie. Special attention should be placed on the color of the tie and the type of pattern. Just about any tie goes well with a solid shirt. The key is to select a tie with a matching base color as the shirt, for example, if you are going to be wearing a cream shirt then select a tie with a cream or brown base color. Use the color of your suit or pants to help you select the accent colors of the tie so that they co-ordinate well.

If you are still unsure of what type of tie you should select get help from your wife, girlfriend or in some cases even your mother. Woman love to dress their men. Trust us on this.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wedding Color Trends for 2011 has worked hand in hand with Formal Wear Designers to keep up with the hottest colors for Weddings, Formals, and Proms. According to designer Michelle Mospens the hot colors for 2011 include Pink, Turquoise, and Red. Please visit to see our vast selection of Formal Vests, Bow Ties, Neckties, and Pocket Squares.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Time to Accessorize!

The time has come for men to learn the art of accessorizing. There are three accessories you must add to your wardrobe to help you look like a million bucks and set yourself apart from the average Joe. They are; Italian Pocket Squares, Designer Cufflinks, and a Rolex Watch.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Is Microfiber replacing Silk?

Some Fashion Experts would say yes and the proof is on the tag. I bet the majority of you have articles of clothing made from microfiber and don't even know it. Next time you slip on a pair of slacks, jacket, shirt and tie flip the tag over and take a look at what your clothes are made of. You will definitely be surprised.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Q & A

Why are there Sleeve buttons on Jackets?

There are two schools of thought to this one. The First reason historians believed was that Napoleon strategically had them placed on the uniforms of his soldiers so they would not use their sleeves to wipe their nose. Others however believe a more logical reason is that coat sleeves use to open and the buttons were a simple fastener.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Men's Shirts

Men’s fashion shirts are one of the hottest trends this season. These stylish shirts are perfect for Holiday parties or just going out to your neighborhood pub. These Fashion Shirts can be worn many different ways. You can dress it up with a blazer or pair it with some skinny jeans for the casual look.

Either way you decide to go this is definitely one piece of clothing you must add to your wardrobe.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Season one of the largest manufactures of Neckties and Bow ties is getting ready for the Holiday Season with new selections of Thanksgiving Neckties and Christmas Neckties.

Some of our most popular Holiday Neck Ties include Neckties with Turkeys, Neck Ties with Happy Thanksgiving, Santa Claus Neckties and our most Popular Candy Cane Necktie. is offering a Special "Buy Three Get One Free" and Free Shipping on all orders.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Formal

Winter Formals are quickly approaching and you don’t want to be left out in the cold. Plan to look your best this fall with a Solid Formal Necktie or BowTie from offers a huge selection of Solid Neckties in Satin, Grid and Corded textures. Some of the hot colors for this season include Red, Purple, Silver, and Traditional Black. is running a special of “Buy Three Get One Free” and Free Shipping on all orders.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are You Wearing the Right Shoes?

Here a few tips that will get you stepping in the proper direction.

The kind of shirt you are wearing will help you dictate what type of shoe you should go for. If you are wearing a button down shirt with casual pants or nice jeans go for the dressier loafer.

If you are wearing a Sweater or Flannel shirt, then a pair of boots or a thicker soled shoe is appropriate.

Finally keep the tennis shoes and sandals for sporty occasions. A nice shirt and jeans with a pair or tennis shoes is a fashion Faux pas.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do You Dress Your Age?

Age is obviously an issue in men's fashion but doesn't have to stop you from looking stylish. “The key is choosing the right look for you as an individual without giving that mutton dressed as lamb impression” (JC Campbell). Style and fashion are not just for the young man. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your unique look.

Try and wear clothes that fit properly. The worst thing you can do is wear a shirt that is two sizes to small or a pair of pants hanging off your rear. Put on that tapered shirt or that perfectly tailored suit.

Try and not go overboard with accessories. “The accessories that you use should blend in with the color scheme you are wearing and just add hints of color in areas you want them to, such as scarves, ties, cravats, pocket handkerchiefs, etc.” (Rachelle de Bretagne)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seersucker Bowties

Once again stays with their reputation of being one of the leaders in the online neckwear and bowtie reatiling by introducing their First collection of Seersucker Bowties on their web-site.

These Seersucker Bow Ties are hand made in Italy using the finest fabrics and craftsmanship.
Rather than using a less costly thin cotton fabric ( typically used in the maufacture of Seersucker ) we have stayed with our focus of exceptional quality fabrics and have used a high-end Silk to get the same look in our entire line of seersucker bowties.
Our entire range of Seersucker bowties were hand made in Como, Italy using the highest quality maufacturing standards.

Traditional Seersucker is made with a thin, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or checkered, and is used to make clothing for spring and summer wear.

Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance .
The most common colors for Seersucker are white and blue; however, we have produced our range of seersucker bowties in a wide variety of colors alternating colored stripes and puckered white stripes slightly wider than pin stripes to give the bowtie its wrinkled look.
Seersucker Bowties are targeted to the image concious man who likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion.
At $39.95 the price of our Seersucker Bowties can be compared with similar bowties that may be found in high-end department stores for upwards of $85.00
Why not add a few to your wardrobe today. Trust us on this. Not only will you be unique but the compliments will keep on coming in.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bow Ties are Cool

The Bow Tie is back and cooler then ever. Everywhere you look you can see the fashion conscious male adding Bow ties to his wardrobe. What was once reserved for the intellect or nerd, has know exploded onto the scene at college campuses, on TV and at the box office.

According to the Men’s Fashion director at the popularity of the Bow Tie can be credited to the need to be seen. Bow Ties make a statement and that statement says I am smart and I look good.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Fall Classic

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants for making it all the way to the World Series. In honor of the Fall Classic has released a new selection of Baseball Neck Ties. Different styles include; Neckties with Baseball Gloves, Neck Ties with Bats and Balls, and our most popular Texas Rangers Necktie. offers a “Buy Three Get One Free” promotion and Free Shipping on all orders.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Purple and Camel

Purple and Camel are two colors you must add to your Fall Wardrobe. “Purple has always been a favorite with royalty and now it has hit the top of the Fall 2010 fashion color list” (Belle Starr). The other hot color is Camel. This color has a traditional look to it but when dressed up with Red, Black, and Purple can really make it pop.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Styles 2010-Men

Fall Styles 2010-Men

Experts Say the Scarf is the one thing you must add to your Fall Wardrobe. According to the Scarf is the big trend for this season. You can find a wide selection of Scarves at Some of our best sellers include the 100% Houndstooth Wool Scarf and our Solid Black/Plaid Scarf. offers a "Buy Three Get One Free" promotion and Free Shipping on all orders.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ascot is the Hottest Trend Right Now!

The Ascot has become one of the hottest trends among the Hollywood crowd. “At the forefront of the ascot movement are the Jonas Brothers, the red-hot teen band. The raven-haired heartthrobs rock them regularly” (Kevin Cowan).

Also seen sporting this hot look was David Beckham at a recent black tie event, and of course we can not forget Hugh Hefner the only man who can make an Ascot and Pajamas look cool.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attention Hockey Fans

Attention Hockey Fans. The NHL season is here and what better way to show how much you love Hockey then with a Hockey Necktie. has a large selection of Neckties with Sticks and Pucks, Neck ties with Masks and Hockey Neck Ties with Hockey players. offers a "Buy Three Get One Free” promotion as well as free shipping on all orders.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to combine a Pattern shirt with a Printed tie.

The most important thing is to make sure you do not look overwhelming. “Just remember that a small print next to a larger one will quickly create an elegant ensemble”. (Farah Averill) If your Neck Tie or Pocket Square has a small print, for instance, your shirt should have a larger one.

Also make sure you wear your colors wisely. You need to understand what colors are right for your style and skin tone.

Columbus Day

To honor the great Christopher Columbus has released a new selection of US Flag Neckties. This selection includes Neckties with the US Flag, Neckties with the US Flag and Eagle and our best seller the Statue of Liberty Necktie. offers a “Buy Three Get One Free” promotion as well as free shipping on all orders.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oktoberfest Sale is in the middle of its annual Oktoberfest Sale. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween all our Orange and Black Neckties, including are Halloween Neckties are under special promotion.

Go to and type in Take15 in the promo code area and receive 15% off your order. Free shipping is always offered on any size order.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hottest Fall Trends

Two Important Fall Trends for the Well Dressed Gentleman

According to GQ Magazine a must add to your wardrobe is the “Three Piece Suit”. Fashion experts are seeing a switch from the two piece to the three piece suit. “The big extra you get is a vest—which keeps you looking sharp when you remove your jacket. This season's best Three-Pieces definitely have a Rakish Look to them."(Moore)

The next hottest trend is the Plaid Tie. Ties have become narrower to help accentuate the tapered look, and the Plaid Tie has become the centerpiece for the fashion forward gentleman. Also this fall it is ok to mix Plaid with Checks. Please visit for the latest news in Mens Fall Fashion.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Necktie FAQ'S for September

The most Frequently Asked Questions for the month of September.

1) What is a Madras Bow Tie?

This is a light cotton fabric of various weaves, especially one in multicolored plaid or stripe Bow Ties and NeckTies.

2) When I am wearing a suit should my Pocket Square match my Necktie?

In recent years the answer was no. The stylish thing to do was not matching your Hanky to your Tie, but Fashion experts are trending back to NeckTies with Matching Pocket Squares .

3) Can you wear a Skinny Black Tie for a Formal Event?

The answer is yes. Ever since Actors began wearing the Skinny tie to the Academy Awards (Black Tie Affair) the Skinny Tie has become a welcome change to the standard Necktie or Bow Tie.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Religious Themed Neckties one of the largest suppliers of Neck Ties, Bow Ties and Men’s Accessories on the web has released a New Line of Religious Neckties for the holiday Season. These Religious Themed Ties are perfect for any occasion. Some of our best Sellers include; Christian Themed Neckties, Jewish Themed Neck Ties and Neckties with pictures of Moses and Neck Ties with pictures of Jesus.

Some of are more popular colors include Black Religious Neckties, Blue Religious Neck Ties, Red and Black Religious Ties and our most popular Navy Religious Ties. offers Free Shipping and a “Buy Three get one Free” promotion this month.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Novelty Ties one of the largest suppliers of Men's Neckties, Men's Bow Ties and Men’s Accessories on the web has just released its latest selection of Novelty Ties. Featured this month are Neckties with Beer Mugs for Oktoberfest and Neckties with Pumpkins for Halloween.

Some of the other Fun Neckties we carry include Gaming Neckties, Sailboat Neckties, Cigar Neckties, and our best seller Cartoon Neckties.

This month is offering a “Buy Three get One Free” promotion and Free Shipping on any size order.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Italian Made Pocket Squares one of the largest suppliers of Hand Made Italian Neckties, Italian Bow Ties and Italian Pocket Squares on the web is proud to announce its latest release of Custom Italian Pocket Squares.

The new line features Pocket Squares with Contrast Borders, Linen Pocket Squares, Designer Pocket Squares and our most exclusive Madras Pocket Squares for the Pocket Square Aficionado. offers “Buy Three Get One Free” as well as Free Shipping.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neckties For Holidays

The holidays are coming fast so let the shopping begin, but who wants to battle the crowds of people, wait in lines and pay high prices? Well you no longer have to do any of that when you visit one of the largest suppliers of Neck Ties and Bow Ties on the web has a huge selection of Holiday Neck Ties for you to choose from. Add Image

Our Halloween Ties Feature; Neckties with Pumpkins, Neckties with Skulls and Neckties with Ghosts.

For Thanksgiving some of the Neckties we carry include Neckties with Turkeys and Neckties with Pilgrims and Indians.

Last but not least is our large selection of Christmas Neckties, Featuring Red Christmas Neckties, Green Christmas Neckties, Neckties with Merry Christmas Messages, Neckties with Christmas Trees, Neckties with Candy Canes and our most popular Santa Clause Neckties.
So what are you waiting for. Shop now and take advantage of our Free Shipping and Buy 3 Get 1 Free Offer.
Happy Holidays.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aficionado Neckwear from one of the largest suppliers of Hand Made Italian Neckties, Italian Bow Ties and Italian Pocket Squares on the web is excited to announce its newest “Aficionado” Neckwear collection.
This collection of neckwear is for the man who likes to wear not only unique ties but also values the quality of the silk and tailoring of the actual necktie.

Unlike the neckwear carried by most other websites this collection was put together using some of the finest Italian Mills. Unlike mass produced neckwear these ties were made in very limited quantities which in turn adds to the exclusivity.

Special attention was put into the base and accent color combinations resulting in a very rich looking necktie.

We putting together this collection we also worked with wedding planners and incorporated a lot of the accent colors being used in the upcomming Fall and Winter Wedding season as well as the Spring 2011 Wedding season.

This Necktie also features a tipping made of the same fabric as the necktie. We have finished the tie with a hand braided bar tack and a wide self-loop for the back of the tie to tuck into.

These Italian Hand Made Ties are found exclusively in men’s boutiques and can range from $105 to $145.

This collection of neckwear makes for the perfect gift for groomsmen or for the groom to wear on the wedding day.

For the Aficionado this necktie will draw compliments everytime you wear it.

The Neckties are available in a 3.25 inch width and also a 2.875 inch width. for the man who likes a narrower tie. All the neckties are cut at 59 inches in length. also offers this collection as part of their " Buy 3 get 1 Free " offer. As with all orders we also offer free shipping on these neckties.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall selection of Boys Ties at one of the largest and most diverse suppliers of mens ties and boys ties and boy's bowties on the web has just received their brand new selection of Boys Neckties and Boy's Bow Ties.

With fall upon us and school back in session what better time than now to have your son look his best with a Boys Necktie from

These Neck Ties for boys come in many different styles including Boys Zipper Ties, Boys Neck Ties and our most popular Boys Bow Ties. offers some of the hottest colors for fall including; Red Boys Ties, Blue Boys Ties, Black Boys Ties, and Paisley Boys Ties. also has a nice selection of Striped Boys Ties, Fashion Pattern Boys Ties and Solid Boys Ties for you to choose from.

As always when you buy a Boys necktie we include free shipping and a special “Buy three Boys Neckties and get one free".

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Football and Baseball Neckties

Football and Baseball season is finally here and the pennant races are heating up. one of the largest suppliers of Neck Ties and Bow Ties on the web is excited to announce our newest line of Football Neckties and Baseball Neckties.

With so many styles to choose from including Football Helmet Ties, Football Goal Post Ties and our most popular NFL Teams Necktie there is something for everyone. always offers free shipping and our special “Buy three and get one free” promotion.

So whether you are a sports enthusiast or not is the perfect place to find the most unique gift for this holiday season.

Designer Ike Behar and Ted Baker Neck Ties - Spring 2011 is proud to announce our newest line of Brand Name Neckwear featuring the Spring 2011 collection of Ted Baker Neck Ties and Ike Behar Neckties.

There are many brilliant colors to choose from including:

Orange Ted Baker Ties
Green Ted Baker Ties
Purple Ike Behar Ties
Gold Ike Behar Neckties

amongst many other Spring colors

We also offer other designer Name Brand Neckties including:
Nautica Neckties, Michael Kors Neckties and Donald Trump Neckties.

With the Holidays almost upon us why not take advantage of some of the great offers has including their Free Shipping as well as Buy 1 get 1 Free necktie offer.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall 2010 - Collegiate Striped Neckties one of the largest suppliers of mens neckties on the web has a new selection of collegiate striped ties in stock and ready to ship.

With fall upon us and school right around the corner what better way to look your best and show pride in your school than with a collegiate striped neck tie.

At we offer a wide selection of Collegiate ties for you to choose from. carries most colors including, Red and White Striped Neckties , Red and Navy Ties and Gold and Green Striped Neckties to name only a few.

We offer free shipping and our “buy three get one free” promotion on all college striped neckties.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Item - Tie Bars one the largest and diverse online web-stores for Neckties and Bowties has just added Tie Bars more commonly known as Tie Clips to their online store.

There have been many forms of Tie - Control accessories over the years including Clips, Chains and Pins. All these devices were designed with the same purpose in mind. That is to keep the tie from flapping, falling or presenting anything other than a neat appearance.

The clip which lies under the bar clips to the underlying shirt front preventing the tie from swinging and ensuring it hangs straight resulting in a neat uniform appearance.

These Tie Bars come in different color metals such as a Silver Tie Bar or a Gold Tie Bar and may also come in a variety of designs. Some Tie Bars even have small gem stones. has 36 new designs in both Silver and Gold and a host of different styles.

This selection makes it possible for everyone to find a Tie Bar that bests suits their taste.

These Tie Bars sell for $14.95 and as always offers their free shipping as well as their buy 3 get 1 free offer on all items.

So why not try one today. The Tie Bar makes for the perfect accessory or gift.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mens' Formal Solid Vests one of the largest and most diverse online companies for ties, bowties and men's accessories has just added Men's Formal Vests to their ever expanding line of products.

The vests are made of a very high quality microfiber fabric as opposed to a flat poly satin finish. These vests also have a classic corded weave adding a touch of elegance to the vest. The vests also feature a matching back made in a shiny satin so even once the coat is taken off the vest will still look elegant.
All of our vests can be ordered in a variety of sizes ranging from Small - XXL.

We carry 20 different colors in stock and ready to ship. All of which can be ordered with either a matching tie and pocket square or bow tie and pocket square.

These formal vests are perfect for wedding parties, bands, groups , proms, winter formals and other formal events.
So for $29.95 for the complete set be sure to keep us in mind when you need to wear something to your next formal event.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ladies Summer Scarves the largest online web-store
for Men's Neckties and Accessories has just added a complete selection of Ladies Summer Scarves to their online store.

The summer collection of scarves includes solid scarves in all the most popular and fashionable colors as well as printed scarves.
We carry many different patterns including:
Scarves with Dots and
Leopard Printed Scarves in a variety of colors.
All of our ladies summer scarves are made using a lightweight Viscose which makes then very comfortable to wear as an accessory.
Scarves are also a fashionable accessory amongst the teen and pre-teen girls. Some of the designs that are very popular are the scarves with peace signs and solid scarves in light colors.
Here are a few examples of the scarves at a glance.

As with all items on all of our summer scarves qualify for the pay for 3 get 1 free special as well as free ground shipping on all orders.
So why not buy a few summer scarves today and set a fashion trend amongst your friends and associates.

Friday, February 12, 2010

ST. PATRICKS DAY 20% PROMOTION ON TIES, BOWTIES & MORE. one of the largest suppliers of neckties and bowties on the web has started their St. Patricks Day sales promotion.

All items on are included in this promotion.

This promotion entitles anyone who purchases online from to receive a 20% discount off their entire order when they enter promo code: stpats8 in the voucher box upon checkout.

This promotion code is valid from 02/11/2010 and will expire on 03/10/2010.

Free shipping ( allow 7-12 days for delivery ) may be used together with this promotion. Purchasers should be aware that due to severe weather conditions in the Mid-West and also on the East Coast that there may be some delays in receiving orders. lists the expected delivery times next to each shipping method. The day the order is placed is NOT considered a shipping day.

Orders placed after 1pm ( Pacific Standard Time ) will be shipped the following business day. shipping department is closed on weekends and on Bank Holidays and does not consider these days a business day.

When selecting a shipping method buyers should take this into account especially if the order is needed by a specific date.

Happy St. Patricks Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Skinny Solid Ties one the largest and diverse online web-stores for Neckties and Bowties has just added a new selection of Skinny Solid Neckties to their online store.

The skinny men's tie although having been around for a long time has been recently popularized by Ryan Seacrest host of American Idol and other Celebrities namely Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt.
The skinny necktie is roughly the same length as a regular men's tie however it is much narrower at around 2.75 inches. carries a wide variety of skinny neckties such as:
We have just released a line of Solid Skinny Ties in 13 different colors.

The basic colors includes:
We have also included a number of fashion color skinny ties namely:
Regardless of the occasion there is a skinny tie available at Whether one is looking for a skinny tie to wear to a formal event or to wear casually with a pair of jeans has the answer.
The prices on our skinny ties range from $14.95 - $24.95 and the skinny ties also qualify for the 25% off discount when purchasing any 4 items from our web-site.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Striped Bow- ties one of the largest suppliers of neckties and bowties on the web has a brand new selection of striped bow ties in stock and ready to ship.

With the increasing demand for bowties both in the self tie striped bow tie and pre-tied striped bow tie styles we at spend a lot of time, money and travel into putting together selections of striped bow ties that are both in style and reasonably priced.

Having manufactured neckties for the past 12 years both in Italy and Asia and supplying them to the men's clothing market in both the USA and South America we have learnt a lot in what it takes to bring a high quality value priced necktie to the marketplace.
Our knowledge of production, experience and relationships with our suppliers gave us the opportunity to be one of the first online stores to offer a value priced bowtie direct to the public long before many of the other companies knew it was possible.

Having just returned from a buying trip to Europe and Asia we have once again moved forward with the ever changing silk technology in the production of our bowties. Simply put the manufacturers of the Weaving Looms in Germany are constantly upgrading their technology resulting in a loom that spins raw silk and weaves designs to be more efficient and spin more intricate designs.

Our long standing relationships with some of the more progressive manufacturers have allowed us access to the new technology long before a lot of smaller manufacturing companies can even afford these looms. is proud to offer self tie striped bow ties and pre-tied stripe bow ties direct to the public starting at $14.95

Our striped bow tie designs includes:

Fashion Striped Bowties
Traditional Stripe Bowties
College Stripe Bowties
( better know as the Military Repp Stripe Bowtie ) &
Diamond Tip Stripe Bowties

In addition we cover a wide range of colors ranging from basic colors ie: Red striped bowties, Blue striped bowties & Yellow Striped bowties to the more fashionable colors ie: Green striped bow ties, Pink striped bow ties and Orange striped bow ties.

While there are many good online companies who sell striped bowties, have good looking designs and also are value priced it is important to remember that quality is important as lesser quality silks and weaves tend to fray and come apart easily.

So why not pick up a few striped bow ties today. offers a 25% discount when four items are purchased as will as free shipping on all orders regardless of size.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Self Tie Bow Ties

With the increased popularity in bow ties we have received many calls in the past few months asking the same question.

Are self-tie bow ties the type of bow ties that I must tie myself?

The answer to this question as simple as it seems is - YES!! has established itself as one of the largest suppliers of self tie bowties on the web. Our selection includes over 250 different designs and colors of self tie bow ties including:

Stripe self tie bowties
College stripe self tie bowties
Dot self tie bowties
Paisley self tie bowties
Pattern self tie bowties

These designs each come in many colors including but not limited to;

Black self tie bow ties
Red self tie bow ties
Green self tie bow ties &
Yellow self tie bow ties

While many people may get nervous at the thought of having to learn to tie a bow tie it is not as difficult as it may seem.
There are many informative videos on the internet showing one how to tie a self tie bowtie. also has a informative diagram showing you how to tie a bow tie. This can be found by clicking HERE. also has a video on the history of bow ties on
You can view this video by clicking HERE.

While size of the bow varies the standard for the industry for self tie bow ties is 2.50 inches - 2.75 inches high.

Shape also varies by preference with the majority of wearers preferring the classic Butterfly Shaped Bow Tie.

All of the Self tie bowties on qualify for the 25% off discount when you purchase any four items. We also offer free shipping on all orders. Please see our web-site for more information on shipping and promotions.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Extra Long Neckties the largest online web-store for Tall Ties has just added a new selection of Long Ties to their online store.

While most people make their tall ties at 62 inches long, at all of our extra-long ties are 64 inches long.
Up to now the tall man has always had a problem finding a selection of tall ties that rival the selection available for the man who required a regular length necktie.

Well look no further. carries a very large and diverse line of long ties with over 325 different designs and colors to choose from.

With such a large selection of tall ties we cover all patterns of extra-long ties including:

Striped long ties , Long Ties with Dots , Paisley extra-long ties & Solid extra-long ties.

While you may think we have a lot of different designs , we also carry these designs in all basic colors :
and if thats not enough we also carry fashion colors in long ties.

These include:
and many many more.
So you get it. carries extra-long ties for every persons preference.

In addition, all of our Long Ties qualify for the 25% off discount is you purchase any four items on our website.

Ice Hockey Neckties the largest online web-store for Novelty Neckties has just added a new selection of Ice Hockey Neck Wear to their online store.

The Hockey selection of neck ties includes:
Hockey neckties with hockey players on them
Hockey neckties with Hockey Sticks and Helmets
Hockey neckties with hockey masks

So whether you are an avid hockey player or know someone who is, our Ice Hockey Ties will make for the perfect gift.

As an added bonus our entire selection of ice hockey neckwear qualifies for the 25% off promotion when you purchase any four items on our website.

New Selection of BCBG Neckwear the largest online web-store for Brand Name Neckties has just added a new selection of BCBG ATTITUDE - MAX AZRIA Neck Wear to their online store.

BCBG neck ties tend to more are more on the contemporary end of the fashion spectrum and are narrower in width at approximately 3.25 inches

The BCBG selection of neck ties includes:
BCBC neckties with Dots
BCBC neckties with Stripes
BCBG neckties with Patterns

and come in a variety of fashion colors including:

Green BCBG Ties
Blue BCBG Ties
Black BCBG Ties
Red BCBG Ties

All of our BCBG Neckwear qualify for the 25% off discount when you order 4 or more items.

St Patricks Day Ties the largest online web-store for Novelty Neckties has a full selection of St.Patricks Day ties in stock and ready to ship.

At only $13.95 each these St.Patricks Day neckties are the perfect way to show your holiday spirit. The St Patrick Day ties also qualify for the 25% Pay for 3 get 1 for Free promotion.

Our St. Patricks Day neckties come in a variety of St Patricks Neckwear Themes including:
Happy St Patricks Day Ties
St Patricks Day ties with Beer Mugs
St Patricks Day ties with Harps
St Patricks Day ties with Leprechauns
St Patricks Day ties with Green Clovers

and not to forget the popular St Patricks Day " Kiss me i'm Irish Necktie"

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Michael Kors Neckties the largest online web-store for Brand Name Neckties has just added the Designer Michael Kors Neckwear to their online store.

Starting his fashion career at the age of 19 Michael Kors soon established himself in the fashion world and in 1981 the Michael Kors Label was formed.

His first collection of woman's clothing was launched at high-end stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks 5th Avenue. His look and design has always trended toward Chic and Luxurious.

In 1997 Michael Kors launched a full scale men's collection of clothing and Michael Kors ties.
In 2004 the collection aptly named Michael Michael Kors was launched in over 350 department stores nationwide. Amongst many different collections men's wear and accessories was also launched.

Michael Kors has flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Since his early days Michael Kors has won many fashion awards and has dressed many celebrities including: Pierce Brosnan, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Usher and Gwyneth Paltrow to name but a few.

The Michael Kors Mens Silk Neckwear stays with the theme of chic and luxurious and features many designs including Michael Kors Paisley Ties, Michael Kors Plaid Ties, Michael Kors Striped ties and not to mention the traditional Michael Kors Classic Neat Pattern tie.

With over 90 different ties to choose from has a Michael Kors necktie for everyone.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Belts at has just launched it's line of Men's Belts. Having already established ourselves as one of the leaders in the online retail of Neckties and Bowties we have expanded our line to include men's snakeskin belts , crocodile belts and reversible solid leather belts. now has belts ranging in size from a 30 inch waist to a 60 inch waist. Both our snakeskin and crocodile embossed belts are offered in a variety of color including basic colors such as black belts and brown belts.
Other colors includes Red Belts, Green Belts, Orange Belts, Pink Belts and all colors inbetween.

All of our belts are made using genuine leather and are complimented with a stylish gold buckel. has also added a solid reversible belt
featuring a unique patented buckel that swivels. This allows the wearer to rotate the buckel so that either the Black side of the belt or Brown side of the belt will be visible. These belts are made of a genuine leather and range in size from a 30 inch waist to a 42 inch waist.

So go ahead and visit and check out our full line of belts, ties, and bowties.