Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hottest Solid Color Neckties the leader in on-line Men’s fashion is proud to announce the expansion of their solid color Program. What buyyourties did was collaborate with top fashion houses to produce the hottest colors for 2011, but what was unique about what was done is that they designed these colors not just in Neckties but in Bow ties, Boy’s bowties, Boy’s Zipper ties, Men’s Zipper ties, Skinny ties, and Suspenders.

They found that organizations like jazz clubs, marching bands, dance groups, wedding parties and other clubs wanted to match their solid color ties with other styles of neckwear and accessories. Imagine a Jazz band trying to look hip and cool, so they select a Fuchsia Skinny tie with matching Suspenders, or a wedding party trying to match a Boy's Bowtie to a Men's Necktie. In the past this would have been next to impossible to find until now. has revolutionized Solid color neckties and matching accessories, and now when you want to be one of those cutting edge organizations you can get a great product for a reasonable price and maintain a look that says wow!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stand out in a crowd

If you are one of those ultra fashion conscience males, you are willing to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd. You have that strong inner desire to be the best when it comes to dressing classy and sophisticated, yet stylish and trendy. You do not want to blend in with the crowd and look ordinary as you walk down the street; you are looking to make that certain statement well if this is you it is time for an update on your wardrobe.

I am sure you have plenty of nice suits, sports coats, slacks and italian neckties, but do you also have suspenders and cufflinks? Want to boost your confidence and be back on top setting the trends, if so then try wearing these designer cufflinks to give you the boost you needed all along. Combine with a black shirt and a black suit with a silver necktie, these high-quality cufflinks with will draw lots of attention and it will have you regain your throne as the fashion king that’s for sure. Also for a change, why not try different color suspenders to help you gain that edge back. Suspenders are back in fashion so don’t miss out.