Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rules For Wearing Neckties

Are there certain rules you need to follow when it comes to choosing the right Necktie? Yes! The only rule that applies is you should feel comfortable when wearing a necktie. Imagine if you will, you put on a khaki pair of pants and blazer with a white shirt underneath and between them, a necktie printed with smiley face patterns. Would you be comfortable wearing this? You might, if you are wearing sneakers and a baseball cap, but if you are wearing one of your best suits and some Italian Loafers and you are on your way to a business meeting, you would probably fill tremendously uncomfortable, right? This is why you always have to check your comfort level when putting on that Perfect looking NeckTie. For business, it is always best to have some conservative neck ties consisting of neutral colors with neat patterns. Neckties should compliment your shirts and suits but they do not have to be the same color as your suit. At the same time, they should always be suitable for the event you are attending. If you follow this one simple rule you will be confident in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skinny Tie is the hot trend!

Be aware that in every man’s wardrobe, there has to be a wide selection of Neckwear with different designs, colors, and styles to select from which will go well with any of the clothes in your closet. It should be one of the most important accessories you own. When you put on a pair of slacks, shirt, and those classy shoes, the style of Necktie you choose brings the whole look together. A tie can tell people what kind of person you are, or what you do? It can say I am a professional or I enjoy wearing ties for fun, just by the pattern and colors.

So put away that same old red striped tie and get with the program. What you should do to add to your collection of ties is to add a Skinny tie; the hottest Men's Fashion trends this season. These Skinny ties can easily mix with your regular ties to complete your wardrobe. Start by getting your Skinny necktie and continue to add to your collection, showing different patterns for an interesting yet trendy look. With a wide variety of neckties along with your different shirts and suits, you can become that guy that everyone wants to dress like.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


For a long time there was a widely-held belief that clothes for hanging on the couch were not very attractive and quite dull, but Loungewear has burst onto the fashion scene and put an end to that notion. Dull colors and boring patterns have turned into vibrant colors and cool designs.

According to the purchasing department at the best selling Lounge Wear are the 100% cotton lounge pants with designs such as; smiley faces, footballs, American flags and of course the ever popular camouflage lounge pants. These fun novelty lounge pants are not just for sitting on your couch anymore. Since the explosion in the loungewear segment over the past couple of years, loungewear is no longer something that needs to stay behind closed doors. These pants are perfect for that quick trip to the supermarket, taking your kids to school or just relaxing in front of the fire. A few tips for picking out the right pair for you are to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed with the feel and look according to your mood or activity.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rules for looking your best!

There are some basic rules that men ignore, but must be aware of when dressing up for work or that special occasion.

The first rule is always be well groomed. Make sure you are clean shaven, or if you have a beard/mustache that it is trimmed properly, and always have your hair neatly combed with gel or mousse so it stays all day.

The next important rule is never wear jeans and sneakers to work. You are not going to a ball game so do not dress like you are. Make sure your wardrobe consists of kakis, chinos and dress slacks. Instead of sneakers get a comfy pair of loafers. When choosing the right shirt stick to subtle colors and prints that don’t stand out. The most popular shirt is the small pinstriped fitted shirt.

For more formal outings don’t be afraid to wear a suit. Power dressing is one way you can look your best. When choosing the proper suit keep in mind that during the winter months you wear darker colors and spring and summer you wear lighter shades.

One of the most common mistakes men do is to wear white socks. Never ever wear white socks unless you are in shorts and sneakers. Always choose dark colors that match the outfit you are wearing.

Finally choose wisely when it comes to your Belts and Ties. If we are talking about work then go with a conservative belt or Necktie, but if you are going out on the town then it is ok to be daring so bust out a Snakeskin belt or something retro.

Remember dressing properly does not have to be a chore and when you find the right look you will look good and feel confident in who you are.

Is your NeckTie sending the right message?

We have all heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Well this definitely applies to your work place. Let’s say you land that dream job and you are excited to start. You know you need to make a good impression on your first day of work. So how can you do this without looking like some obnoxious fool? Well the answer is the proper Necktie. The right tie can make all the difference in the world. It can make your suit look much nicer or spice up a basic shirt. Remember the most important thing when choosing the right necktie for work is not to wear some outlandish Necktie with crazy patterns and colors. You don’t want to say look at me I am an individual who wants to be the center of attention. That would not go over well with your coworkers. That might tell them you are not a team player. Instead of a crazy patterned tie put on a classy Paisley NeckTie with soft colors like blue and gold. Blue is a very inviting color that will help put your coworkers at ease and will say you are there to contribute. Once you have settled in to your work environment and you have become accustomed to your coworkers, only then are you able to don a necktie that is a little risky. Your coworkers will not think you are trying to be an attention grabber, but you are a Fashion Forward Man.