Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Daring

Not many men in our society have the nerve to wear ties as daring and uncompromising as a Fushia Necktie, or a Hot Pink Bowtie, but this fall be the one who stands out from the rest of the typical same conservative crowd and be seen.

Join the multitude of men who know how it is to be fashionable in today’s world. Now that everything is being reduced to regularity and herd mentality, wearing something that can redefine your personality is not only a challenge, but the right thing to do. You can begin by getting a wardrobe overhaul—replacing your Burgundy’s and Blues with Purple and Green and then, your Reds with brighter Reds. It’s always great to be ahead of the curve. That way, you get to see where you’ve messed up in the past and you get to have the first glimpse of the future. These two always go side by side because you can’t really prepare for the future without having a good grasp of your past. That’s what the message that the Fushia necktie has for you—that we have to learn the past, live the present and look forward to the future.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New Trendy Bowtie

Men’s fashion is ever changing because fashion and the present culture are interrelated. The styles that can be seen all around us often times reflect what is happening in current times. If times are thriving and the economy is stable or on the rise, you can see the very fast changing trends in fashion because certainly people can afford to buy more and more. If the economy is down, the trends will not change as fast because people will think twice before splurging on a trendy outfit.

From pants to shoes to Bowties and other accessories, there is always a change that is attributable to what the lifestyle dictates. When the public is happy and times are good people feel stylish and confident. New Bowties will be more in demand, because it is considered the trendier thing, like the two sided Bowties. In the past bowties were usually worn conservatively, never would it be a cool hip look, but right now there is a buzz going over these two sided Bows, and with the elections coming up and more hope for the future Men are looking toward fashion to represent how they feel. So get on board with the trends and do yourself a favor and add a two sided bowtie and watch your confidence soar.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2-Sided Bowties

It is said that it is way better to be a leader than a follower. It just so happens that at we agree. Leading the way once again as we have always done in mainstream neckties and bow ties we have just launched our line of 2-sided bow ties.
While we do not claim to be the first with this idea ( a couple of creative designers before us have already done this ) we are the first to bring an affordable 2-sided bow tie to the mainstream market and hope to bring many more new and exciting combinations in the future.
So if it's a dot& paisley combination, tonal stripe combination or just something unique we have you covered.
Our first selection consists of 12 opening price ( $18.95 - $21.95 ) point 2-sided silk bow tie combinations and 9 Handmade Italian 2-sided combinations. The price on the Italian range from $36.95 - $49.95.
So go ahead a pick up a couple for yourself today. You are sure to be the centre of attention and can be rest assured that you wont see anyone else with the same design. As always these bow ties are shipped for free and also qualify for our buy 3 get 1 free offer.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Special Occasion Necktie

We have all heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Well this definitely applies to your social life. Let’s say you found that perfect girl and you are excited for your first date. You know you need to make a good impression the first time you take her out. So how can you do this without looking like some obnoxious fool? Well the answer is the proper Necktie. The right Necktie can make all the difference in the world. It can make your suit look much more sophisticated yet hip. Remember the most important thing when choosing the right necktie for that special occasion is to wear what makes you feel good. This inturn will raise your confidence level. Wearing a cool Tommy Hilfiger Skinny necktie would show her you have style and attention to detail which will go a long way with your special Lady.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How To Look Good

When you truly care about how you look, you need to make sure that every little article of clothing is done just right. You need to make sure that all the buttons are in place and are buttoned properly, that the shirt is neatly pressed, your cufflinks are polished, and your pocket square matches perfectly with your sharp looking necktie. There are so many different style Neckties too choose from, like the Calvin Klein Skinny Tie or the Ted Baker necktie.

Whatever you select make sure that all the things you are wearing fit you correctly so that you do not look sloppy. Be sure that your pants fit you properly because you might not be able to move and walk around if your pants aren’t correctly sized. Then you need to choose the correct shoes to go with your outfit. The minute you stand up, your shoes will certainly attract attention and it only takes one glance for people to evaluate your whole outfit. And don’t forget to wear the right socks! Remember to wear longer socks, and of course choose a color that will be right for your outfit. The rule is that there should be no flesh peeking out from your pants when you cross your legs when you sit down. Remember to dress in accordance with the situation and always feel confident in yourself and you can’t go wrong.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Whether you are conducting a business meeting or attending a formal function you have to make sure you look your best. Remember “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. One way in which you can do this is with the right Bowtie. The proper Bowtie can help create your image and accentuate your clothes. Let your Bowties be an indication of your fashion sense and your self-confidence. Never go to a business meeting looking sloppy. This is essential to being a successful businessman and your customer will appreciate doing business with a well dressed professional.

Some companies are becoming lenient when it comes to professional attire, but that does not mean that you have to be. You know that there is still a certain standard that you have to uphold especially if you have an important position in the business world. You will also gain the approval and respect of your colleagues and friends if you are always dressed for success. The proper set of clothes, the right attitude and the appropriate types of accessories will make you appear distinguished and self-assured. It always pays to be well-dressed because a late boardroom meeting can sometimes lead to dinner in some exclusive restaurant, so put on your best suit and a Classy Bowtie and you will be ready to take the world by storm.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ascots are Back

When’s the last time you watched a man on television wearing an Ascot with his suit? You probably haven’t thought about it, but odds are you saw that just recently, most likely on an awards show, on a talk show, or perhaps a commentator during a sports game. Until now, perhaps, you may not have realized that what was missing from your own wardrobe was a fancy Ascot.

These Ascots are not there to replace the necktie but to give you a different look from the same old bland tie you find yourself wearing. They hearken back to a time when men wanted to look like royalty. So, while neckties might’ve done well to add pattern and color to your outfit consider putting on a classy Ascot. A Burgundy & Navy Vintage Ascot will go great with a dark suit or sport coat. This handmade Ascot will certainly draw attention and is a great conversation piece. This is just another part of any man’s wardrobe arsenal that is vital to keeping his formal look fresh, inviting, and professional to go with his collection of neckties, cufflinks, belts and suspenders.