Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ascots are Back

When’s the last time you watched a man on television wearing an Ascot with his suit? You probably haven’t thought about it, but odds are you saw that just recently, most likely on an awards show, on a talk show, or perhaps a commentator during a sports game. Until now, perhaps, you may not have realized that what was missing from your own wardrobe was a fancy Ascot.

These Ascots are not there to replace the necktie but to give you a different look from the same old bland tie you find yourself wearing. They hearken back to a time when men wanted to look like royalty. So, while neckties might’ve done well to add pattern and color to your outfit consider putting on a classy Ascot. A Burgundy & Navy Vintage Ascot will go great with a dark suit or sport coat. This handmade Ascot will certainly draw attention and is a great conversation piece. This is just another part of any man’s wardrobe arsenal that is vital to keeping his formal look fresh, inviting, and professional to go with his collection of neckties, cufflinks, belts and suspenders.

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