Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New Trendy Bowtie

Men’s fashion is ever changing because fashion and the present culture are interrelated. The styles that can be seen all around us often times reflect what is happening in current times. If times are thriving and the economy is stable or on the rise, you can see the very fast changing trends in fashion because certainly people can afford to buy more and more. If the economy is down, the trends will not change as fast because people will think twice before splurging on a trendy outfit.

From pants to shoes to Bowties and other accessories, there is always a change that is attributable to what the lifestyle dictates. When the public is happy and times are good people feel stylish and confident. New Bowties will be more in demand, because it is considered the trendier thing, like the two sided Bowties. In the past bowties were usually worn conservatively, never would it be a cool hip look, but right now there is a buzz going over these two sided Bows, and with the elections coming up and more hope for the future Men are looking toward fashion to represent how they feel. So get on board with the trends and do yourself a favor and add a two sided bowtie and watch your confidence soar.

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