Thursday, July 28, 2016

Set Your Standards High 

What kind of image do you portray? Do you set your own standards and put across an image that is all your own?  If you are in need of that one piece of clothing that will put you over the top then look no further.  Buyyourties has what you are looking for.  Try our newly released Solid Shirt and tie combo.  Wear this set to any event and look and feel like you own the place.  These  Dress Shirt combos are not only classic in looks but also add an aura of sophistication to your wardrobe.  Visit to find these Shirt Combo sets and all of your other wardrobe needs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Reversible Bowties
According to Fashion designer Kyle Rida the hottest trend for men this fall will be the Reversible Bowtie.  Fashion houses are seeing a demand for more hip sophisticated colors and patterns like the popular Yellow and Blue two sided bow tie.  The bowtie itself has recently seen a resurgence and a lot of it has to do with these new styles being produced.  Bowties aren’t just for the nerd or the scholar anymore.  More and more famous athletes and Movie Stars are wearing bow ties and with this new style bowtie it is going to be even more popular then it ever has been before.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are You Overdressed?

Rarely can you be over dresssed but more often than not you can be under dressed.You know that there is a certain standard that you have to uphold especially if you want to show confidence.  The proper Dress shirt with a Reversible Bow tie, and the right attitude can help create your image. Whether it is a Two tone or Solid Shirt let it be an indication of your fashion sense and your self-confidence,  and with the appropriate types of accessories you will appear distinguished and self-assured.  It always pays to be well-dressed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Collegiate Neckwear 
Believe it or not but College football is right around the corner.  I know some of you Alabama Crimson Tide fans are still basking in the Glow of another Football Championship, but this upcoming season should be one of the most exciting seasons ever.  So besides stocking up on your favorite teams gear why not go a bit classy with a College Pretied Bowtie or a stylish College necktie and help root your team on to victory.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to Dress With Intelligence 
Your style should reflect your personality.  You should look like you bought your clothes with intelligence and sophistication.  It really only takes a few simple outfits to look great all the time and most often the simpler the better.  If you’re wearing a dress shirt make sure it is neatly pressed and always make sure your Neck-Tie is neatly tied.  These few simple tips can help you look and feel like a million bucks.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Right Time For A White Suit. 

The best rule for wearing a White Suit is during the warmer months of the year.  Experts say only when it is 72 degrees or warmer.  Places that are appropriate for the White Suit are daytime weddings, summer parties in the open air, and the very popular white parties are all perfect times to rock the white suit. Basically, any time the temperature rises; a white suit is an appropriate choice.