Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mens Suits and Prices of Suits

Off the topic of Ties for the moment I came across an interesting article from a trade publication that I thought I would say something about.

Because I sell ties and have grown up in the necktie industry my friends think I know about fashion. Well I may know a bit but really nothing more than anyone with an interest in reading magazines and journals would know. I know how a tie is made, I know what fabric makes a good tie and what doesn't but with suits I really am clueless.

When I need a suit I ask my friends who are in the suit industry for advice. I believe that you should always ask a professional and then make the final decision.

The article is about " THE PRICE OF A GOOD SUIT" and What's the difference between a value priced suit, a $2,000 suit and a $3,000 suit?

Various factors come into play:

There is an obvious answer to this question, ..“MARKUP.” However, what are the actual differences.

Other more technical answers are as follows:

1)BRANDING and MARKETING. These two factors can significantly impact the selling price of the garment.

2)WORKMANSHIP. Poor workmanship may be visible to the naked eye. Handmade suits require a lot of skill and is very time consuming.

3)FABRIC. The only characteristic of the fabric that influences the price of the garment is the price of the fabric, not the quality.

At the end of the day what really matters as in everything in life is perception of quality. Americans like a lighter fabric and the word " Super " means something. Case in point (Super 130's, Super 150's. ). Europeans prefer a heavier more tailored suit made with more durable fabrics and a European feel.

In conclusion price/value is something that is hard to quantify. Some people like more expensive hand-tailored suits and wont trade down while others cannot understand why anyone would spend $1000.00 and up to $8000.00 or even more on a true handmade bespoke suit.

At the end of the day a good value is something that you perceive is worthwhile. If you like the way the suit looks and feels then its a good deal.

I hope this has given a little insight into the question of pricing of suits.

Disclaimer: are not fashion consultants and everything in our blogs our own opinions based on our research. We suggest if you are looking for expert advice to contact a professional fashion consultant .

Friday, April 24, 2009

Woman wearing Ascots - What's up with that?


1) What’s up with the Ascot nowadays?

2) Was ahead of the fashion trend with Ascots online?

1) The Ascot has made its way across from Europe. Once worn by the older gentleman, celebrities are embracing the Ascot as I have mentioned in previous blogs.
Yes! including woman. It has also crossed gender lines and can now be seen by stylish female icons such as Gwen Stefani. It seems that ascots might the hottest new fashion trend!

2) We are not trendsetters. We don't pretend to know whats good or whats bad. As with Neckties and Bowties the patterns we use for Ascots are simply whats available to us from our suppliers and we choose what we think will sell. Sometimes we take risks that work and more than often than not we get burned.

We started selling Ascots about 5 months ago starting with a few designs and colors. We now carry over 40 different Patterns of Ascots. We also have Solid Ascots in stock.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wedding Colors - Fall and Winter 2009

As we come out of the Spring and Summer Wedding season we start to look ahead to the 2009 Fall and Winter wedding season.

It is important to plan ahead and decide on your colors and themes. Suppliers of wedding accessories sell out quickly and one is left having to settle for their second choice. This is your day why settle for second best.

Looking ahead here is a guide of this Fall and Winters Wedding Colors.
Burnt Orange is a very popular Fall color. Orange co-ordinates well with shades of
Red and Burgundy, Green, Blue, Taupe and Plum.

Winter colors for 2009 are shades of Red and Burgandy accented with Silver, Cream and Gold.

Remember not to try and match your groom and groomsmen to the bride and bridesmaids. Co-ordinate the colors. Your wedding planner will be able to advise you on what colors will work best with each other.

Good luck and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: are not wedding consultants and everything in our blogs our own opinions based on our research. We suggest if you are looking for expert advice to contact a professional wedding consultant .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dress Shirts

April 22, 2009 has added a broad range of dress shirts to their ever increasing line of Men's clothing. expertise lies in the manufacturing of Neckties and Bow Ties so rather than trying to manufacture dress shirts and save a few dollars has sourced their shirts from experienced manufacturers. By doing this we know that every Dress Shirt will fit right and look good.
At the same time the Dress Shirts will be offered at value prices sticking with our motto:
" Fine Menswear at Unbeatable Prices. "

The shirts start at an opening price point of $19.95 ( 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton blend ) to the next price point of $25 ( 100% Cotton ) and go up to $55.00 ( High-End Name Brands). Please call for more information on these shirts.
Shirt sizes range from a 15 inch neck to a 18.50 inch neck with sleeve lengths varying depending on the size.

Shirt collars vary from a PinPoint Collar to a Spread collar with some shirts also having French Cuffs.

As we are continually adding inventory it is recommended to keep checking back to see what new styles and sizes are in stock.

Monday, April 20, 2009 - Our Story

Everyone has a story so for those of you interested here is mine:

My great uncle together with his brother ( my grandfather ) started manufacturing neckties in South Africa way back in 1938. Naturally my father went into the business so it seems like I was destined for a life of Neckwear.

While my friends were at college becoming doctors, lawyers and accountants I had the privilege of working as a salesman for the largest neckwear company in America ( if not the world ). For me this was better than any college education. I was taught everything from how a quality necktie is made to how it is merchandised in a store and finally sold to the consumer.

I took this education and in 1997 started a small wholesale neckwear company in my garage and started manufacturing neckties in China.

In 2000 a friend joined me and together we set out travelling to mens stores across America and showing at trade shows. We were relentless. We hardly ever came home and when we did we spent all our time unloading neckties and packing orders. We just figured that we would outwork everybody.

The rest is history. After a couple of tedious trips to China and a huge learning curve we started gaining a significant amount of market share from other more established manufacturers.

We were successful and more importantly very profitable.

In March 2005 after spending the better part of 8 years travelling and reaching my goals I got bored and needed a new challenge. My friend took over the company and I set out to try my luck as an online retailer.

One month later I started It has now been 3 years and has established itself as one of the largest and most diverse suppliers of Neck Ties and Bow Ties on the web. Besides purchasing neckwear from other suppliers we are also a manufacture all of our own Fashion, X-Longs , Bow ties and Novelty Ties.

It is my belief that by continually providing superior product and service to the consumer we will grow from strength to strength. You can feel confident that any item you order from will be of the highest quality and at a great value.

Regards, Robert

New Website is launched April21, 2009 Launches New Website.

After 3 years of being online and making many mistakes, listening to our customers requests as well as researching the new technologies available for web developers we are proud to announce the launch of our new web-site.

Customers are going to find easier to navigate and very user friendly.

Image zoom over feature - a customer can view the tie detail as well as being able to also with the click of the mouse have a zoomed in image appear on their screen.

Bookmark this page - Now a customer with a click of a button can add the page or website to their favorites.

Send to a friend feature - Every page now has a box whereby a customer can eneter a frieds e-mail address and have the page or image they are looking at sent directly to the friends e-mail.

An automated shopping cart that will automatically calculate free ties. No more having to enter the free tie style numbers in the message box.

A one page checkout - thias makes for a quicker less frustrating checkout process.

New Blogs updating you on everything from company news to industry news.

A very informative Question and Answer page. 99.9% of your questions will be answered for you right away.

If you have the 0.1% of the questions we haven’t answered you can call our toll free number and let us know and we will gladly add it. We are sure you will enjoy your shopping experience. If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve our website you can call us or e-mail us and we will gladly listen to your suggestion.

Sunday, April 12, 2009 Mission Statement

Every company should have a mission statement so here is ours in a single sentence as we will let our product do the talking.

" promises to provide to their customers superb service and a diverse line of Neckties and Men's and Woman's accessories at a value price while maintaing the highest quality of manufacturing and materials. "

That being said understands that the customer has many options to shop online. The truth is there are many good companies making every type of product from A-Z.

What seperates from the competition is we guarantee our quality, service and ** prices to be among the best** online.

We back this with our 30 day money back guarantee.

** prices to be among the best** - this term does not mean the cheapest but merely very competitive to all the other websites.

All about Bow Ties

The word bow tie comes from the French word, jabot which is pronounced ja-bow. This was originally a 17th century pre-made lace cravat. Later, in the 18th and 19th centuries bow ties came in other types of materials and designs.
The formal black bow tie became popular back in 1886 when Pierre Lorillard V invented the tuxedo as an alternative to the Tailcoats which were worn with White Bow Ties.

Bow Ties come either as Self-Tie Bow Ties or Pre-Tied Bow Ties and are now days most commonly available in either a silk of polyester fabric. As Bow Ties are as unique as the people who wear them hundreds of different patterns exist.

Although not as easy to tie as a regular necktie the self-tie bow tie has become extremely popular and the art of tying can be mastered in a short amount of time. You can click on the following link and you will be sent to a page with instructions on how to tie your own bow tie.

What tie should I buy?

Your tie should be contrast the color of your shirt.

The main color of a patterned tie should complement your suit and the secondary color should pick up the color in your shirt. Remember the color of your tie should not clash but the colors should not be so similar ( monotonal )that they fade into the suit.

Avoid wearing a striped tie with a striped shirt. Solid Ties are best worn with these styles of shirts.

The general width of a tie is 3.50 – 3.75 inches at the widest part of the tie. In the past few years there has been a growing trend especially amongst young men to wear skinnier ties that are approximately 2.50 – 2.75 inches wide.

Ties for your wedding

Remember to not try and match the color of the tie but to rather co-ordinate the color with the same theme of the color of the dresses. Similar to how you would co-ordinate the colors of the flowers with the overall theme of the wedding.

Remember to shop early so you have time to decide if the ties work for your theme or if you need to change for another color.

If you are unsure then buy 2 or 3 different colors and make a decision. Once you have selected the color you want then order the balance. Most companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can just return the ones that you didn’t like and get a credit or swap out for the color you want. Solid ties are the most popular ties for weddings however more and more people are going the alternate route and buying pattern ties. Your wedding co-ordinator will be able to advise you on the most popular colors for that season. keeps ahead of all the colors for each wedding season so browse our website and we are sure you will find the perfect matching tie for your wedding day.

Disclaimer: are not wedding consultants and everything in our blogs our own opinions based on our research. We suggest if you are looking for expert advice to contact a professional wedding consultant .


A brief history of the Ascot.

An ascot tie, or ascot, is a narrow neckband with wide pointed wings. This wide, formal tie is usually traditional in design, folded over, and fastened with a stickpin or tie tack.

Ascots are usually made from a lightweight silk as they are worn against the skin and are more comfortable.

The ascot is descended from the earlier type of cravat widespread in the early nineteenth century, made of heavily starched linen and elaborately tied around the neck. Later in the 1880s, amongst the upper-middle-class in Europe men began to wear a more loosely tied version for formal daytime events.
It remains a feature for weddings today.
The Royal Ascot race meeting at the Ascot Racecourse, gave the ascot its name.
The ascot was still commonly worn for business with morning dress in the late 19th and very early 20th centuries.

Most people think of aristocratic old men when they hear the word Ascot. While more mature fashion plates may still don ascots, young bloods have pumped up the presence of the more-than-century-old piece.

Ascots are now being worn by the younger generation. Some celebrities wearing Ascots include: Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, Michael Johns a former American idol contestant, Ashton Kutcher and soccer star David Beckham

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