Friday, April 24, 2009

Woman wearing Ascots - What's up with that?


1) What’s up with the Ascot nowadays?

2) Was ahead of the fashion trend with Ascots online?

1) The Ascot has made its way across from Europe. Once worn by the older gentleman, celebrities are embracing the Ascot as I have mentioned in previous blogs.
Yes! including woman. It has also crossed gender lines and can now be seen by stylish female icons such as Gwen Stefani. It seems that ascots might the hottest new fashion trend!

2) We are not trendsetters. We don't pretend to know whats good or whats bad. As with Neckties and Bowties the patterns we use for Ascots are simply whats available to us from our suppliers and we choose what we think will sell. Sometimes we take risks that work and more than often than not we get burned.

We started selling Ascots about 5 months ago starting with a few designs and colors. We now carry over 40 different Patterns of Ascots. We also have Solid Ascots in stock.

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