Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Patriotism in todays Society

Patriotism is defined as the devotion to one’s country, and there are many different ways you can show patriotism. You can join the armed forces to serve your country, but that might not be a viable option for you. Well even a simple act can be considered patriotism. If you follow traffic rules, or you don’t litter in the streets, or you can plant a tree, these are all acts of patriotism. That means that you are doing something to make sure that your nation is protected against human misuse and that your fellow countrymen will get to enjoy the same beautiful nation you have experienced. A third and very simple way to show patriotism is to wear a Flag Necktie. When you walk into your office or attend a formal event and you are looking sharp in your suit, put on an American Flag set of suspenders and people will know that you are passionate and loyal about your country.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cotton Bowtie

The combination of a Cotton Bow tie with a sharp looking suit is enough to catch the eye of every beautiful woman in the office. You never want negative attention by wearing a boring run of the mill Bow tie. Instead, why not capitalize on a design that is perfect for summer.

Wear a Cotton Bowtie and matching pocket square with any suit and you’ll get that invigorating and charming impression, like that of a GQ model.  Cotton Bow Ties are the key to everyone’s heart. Even your boss’! In fact, a Navy and White Cotton bowtie conveys that masculine sophistication with a touch of class.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Micro Fiber VS Silk

Does a Micro Fiber Woven Bow tie have the same distinction as Silk Bowties? The answer is yes.  The things they are doing with micro fiber are unbelievable.  We’ve had customers tell us they can’t tell the difference between micro fiber and silk.  Instead of focusing on types of material, focus on key pieces that you can mix and match with your shirts and suits. One smart thing to do is pick some base colors like Blue, Purple, and Green bow ties. You can vary the combinations when you go to different appointments. You can buy one quality piece at a time and over time you will see that you have collected enough to not repeat bow ties for a whole month. You can do the same with your suspenders, pocket squares and even cuff links. The important thing is to invest in quality items.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boy's Formal Vest Sets

With Wedding season in full swing there is no time like the present to start planning for the big day.  Whether you son is part of the wedding or simply attending, you always want him looking his best.  You can achieve this by dressing him in a Boy’s Vest Set from These Boy’s Vests Sets come in many different colors including the hottest wedding color this season Royal Blue.  If the vest by itself won’t do then try some matching accessories like the Boy’s Zipper Tie, Boys Neck Tie and the most popular matching accessory the Boys Bow Tie.  Your son will look great and you will feel proud to see him looking his best.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Designer Bowties

When you truly care about how you look, you need to make sure that every little article of clothing is done just right. You need to make sure that your shirt is neatly pressed, your cufflinks are polished, and your pocket square matches perfectly with your sharp looking Designer Bowtie.  There are so many different style Bowties too choose from, like the IZOD Self-tie Bowtie or the Sean John Over Sized Bowtie.  Whatever you select, make sure that all the things you are wearing fit you perfectly so that you do not look shoddy.  Be sure that your pants fit you well because you might not be able to move and walk around if your pants aren’t correctly sized. Then you need to choose the correct shoes to go with your outfit. The minute you stand up, your shoes will certainly attract attention and it only takes one glance for people to evaluate your whole outfit.  And don’t forget to wear the right socks! Remember to wear longer socks, and of course choose a color that will be right for your outfit. Remember to dress in accordance with the situation and always feel confident in yourself and you can’t go wrong.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Solid Color Neckties

Whether you are attending a wedding or a formal event you have to make sure you look your best.  Remember “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  One way in which you can do this is with a Black Skinny Solid Necktie. The proper Neck-tie can help create your image and accentuate your clothes.   Whether it is a Royal blue or Brown Solid Necktie let it be an indication of your fashion sense and your self-confidence.  Never go to an event looking sloppy.  You can never be overdressed, but boy you sure can be under-dressed and looking out of place.
You know that there is a certain standard that you have to uphold especially if you want to show confidence.  The proper set of clothes, the right attitude and the appropriate types of accessories will make you appear distinguished and self-assured.  It always pays to be well-dressed.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big & Tall Bow Ties

Big and tall men sometimes have problems getting the ideal fit for them. Because cool styles are not always made with the Big and Tall male in mind. There are very restricted options when it comes to clothing and accessories, and if they go to a specialized Men’s shop they might have to pay top dollar.  Frequently, the styles are affected, and there are very few truly wonderful big designs that look good on a big man, and as described, they will break the bank. This becomes an actual task for the big and tall man, especially when it comes to Bow ties. First of all, there are not too many bow ties that are intended for big men. Secondly, very big bow ties are usually difficult to find. Fortunately there are Big and Tall Bow ties out in the marketplace that do not come with a hefty price. Take for example this Blue Silk-XL Bowtie.  This would be perfectly proportioned for the Big & Tall male who wants a sharp, sophisticated look.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clip-On Ties

Those of you working in law enforcement or the safety industry know your job is thrilling, and exciting and at the same time exhausting. The job is full of excitement because every time you wake up, you can expect some thing different to happen, and sometimes it isn’t always pleasant. On the other hand, this is exhausting because you will be very busy with demanding bosses, reports, and deadlines. You will also be busy preparing yourself just to go to work. Especially out in the field, you must have a professional look all the time. This will help you to gain respect and confidence when you face the demanding world out there. For men, sleeves or suits are not really the issue because it always blends with your pants. But the real issue is the Clip-on Necktie or Clip-on Bowtie you will be wearing. Choosing this style of clip on necktie is essential to your safety as well as your appearance.  So when you choose your particular style of clip-on, remember to look good and feel confident in your selections.