Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't Be Ordinary! you want to be an ordinary Joe, and blend in with the crowd, or are you are looking to make a statement? Well in order to make that statement you will need to add some accessories to your wardrobe. Every man has a nice suit, sports coat, slacks and  neckties, but do you also have Dress Suspenders and Over sized Bow ties? Start the year of right by being a trend setter. Try wearing these Over Sized Bow-ties to give you the boost you needed. These high-quality Bow ties will draw lots of attention and will have you setting the trend not following it. Also for a change, why not be wear a pair of Dress suspenders to help you gain that edge. Suspenders are back in fashion so don’t miss out.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Few Tips for the Fashion Conscience Male sure that your shirt is neatly pressed, your shoes and cufflinks are polished, and your pocket square goes perfectly with your Men's Silk Bowtie.  There are so many different style of Bow ties too choose from like the Standard size Self-tie Bowtie or the Over Sized Bowtie.  Whatever you select, make sure that all the things you are wearing fit you perfectly so that you do not look sloppy.  Be sure that your pants fit you well because you might not be able to move and walk around if your pants aren’t correctly sized. Then you need to choose the correct shoes to go with your outfit. The minute you stand up, your shoes will certainly attract attention and it only takes one glance for people to evaluate your whole outfit.  And don’t forget to wear the right socks! Remember to wear longer socks, and of course choose a color that will be right for your outfit. Remember to dress in accordance with the situation and always feel confident in yourself and you can’t go wrong.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Italian Designed Bowties you are conducting a business meeting or calling on a client you have to make sure you look your best. Remember “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. One way in which you can do this is with the right Italian Designed Bowtie. The proper Bow tie can help create your image and accentuate your outfit. Let your Bowtie be an indication of your fashion sense and your self-confidence. Never go to a business meeting looking sloppy. This is essential to being a successful businessman, and your customer will appreciate doing business with a well dressed professional. Some companies are becoming lenient when it comes to professional attire, but that does not mean that you have to be. You know that there is still a certain standard that you have to uphold especially if you have an important position in the business world. You will also gain the approval and respect of your colleagues and friends if you are always dressed for success. The proper set of clothes, the right attitude and the appropriate types of accessories will make you appear distinguished and self-assured. It always pays to be well-dressed because a late boardroom meeting can sometimes lead to dinner in some exclusive restaurant, so put on a Classy Red Bowtie and you will be ready to take the world by storm.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Made In the USA Suspenders you would like to make a fashion statement at the next wedding, or business meeting you attend while still preserving that Formal look then it’s time to get a pair of X Back Suspenders. Imagine when you remove your suit jacket and you are sporting a pair of Red Made in the USA Suspenders. What a great conversation piece and Red is such an eye-grabber. Suspenders not only look great but they also serve a purpose to help hold up your pants. The hot colors for 2014 include Red, Khaki, and Traditional Black.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Do You Have Your Ascots? are certain rules you need to follow when choosing the right Ascot? The most important of these rules is to feel confident in your selection. Imagine if you will, you are going to a semi formal outing and you want to dress appropriately, so you put on a khaki pair of pants, a sports blazer and a white shirt and between them, a Red Fashion Ascot. You would not only look sharp but you will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Now what if you are wearing one of your best suits and some Italian Loafers and you are on your way to a wedding and you want to dress to impress, in order for you to complete your look you would most likely want to wear a Solid Ascot.  The type of fashion Ascots you choose should always be suitable for the event you are attending. If you follow these rules you can’t go wrong.