Thursday, November 19, 2015

Holiday Ties 

Do you wish to be different and have fun? Want to stand out at a party. Then put away that conservative silk necktie, and bust out a stylish  Holiday tie and watch as you become the center piece of conversation. Now whether people are talking trash or talking about how cool you look remains to be seen. But with the right personality to back up your choice to wear a fun and trendy Christmas tie you will be able to pull it off. You really have to make up your mind that if you crave to get the most attention at a wedding or out on the town then that’s what you need to do

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ugly Christmas Sweaters! 

What is an Ugly Christmas Sweater?  According to fashion experts it is any sweater considered tacky, gaudy and flat out in bad taste.  So how did these Ugly Christmas Sweaters become the latest rage, well you do not have to look any further then the reason you would want to wear one in the first place, and that is for an Ugly Sweater Christmas party.  This latest themed Christmas party has caught on internationally.  The trick behind having the ugliest Xmas sweater according to one source is to have as much decorations and color as you can.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015,path%5B51%5D 

Cummerbunds are once again back in style.  Many of the latest trends seem to recycle back after a few years. There are things that may disappear in the meantime but will always come back in style. For example 15 years ago the Cummerbund was a popular item to wear with your tuxedo.  A few years later that style was no longer in, but now the cummerbund is making it’s come back.  These cummerbunds were made using the finest woven microfiber to convey a visual interest that you won't get from a standard-issue cummerbund.