Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WHY A PRETIED BOW-TIE? do Men choose to wear a Pretied Bow tie?  For starters a pretied bowtie is created using high quality materials—from the finest micro fiber and silk with the most exquisite designs, and this helps the Bow tie shape the perfect knot. This Pretied Bowties remarkable craftsmanship make it very comfortable to wear and easy to use. You won’t need your wife or girlfriend to tie it for you. That’s the purpose of the Pretied bow tie anyway—to save you from the daily routine of standing in front of the mirror and trying to get a perfect shape to your bow tie.  Not only that, it also goes to show, that you are also looking for an accessory’s functionality and not just its sheer aesthetic value. That would be a good point on your personality especially in today’s fashion savvy society.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Look Good In A Tux
You want to look great on your own, but you should also look like you belong with your date.  So for starters go out and get the traditional Black tux and stylish Tuxedo shirt.  Now that you have the basics covered it is time to put on that special accessory that will blow everyone away, and there is no better accessory for the Black Tux then a Matching Vest, Bowtie, and Hanky Set.  When you put on a Vest Bowtie and Hanky set you will feel like a million bucks and when you are dancing the night away and your tux jacket comes off you will still look clean, sharp, and put together.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spectacular Solid Colored Dress Shirts man has a nice suit, sports coat, slacks and necktie, but do they also have the right dress shirt to make the outfit pop.   Well look no further because has just released its 2015 Solid Color Dress Shirts from the Beverly Hills Polo Club.  These shirts come in many different vibrant colors, 17 to be exact.  The hottest colors so far this year have been Lemon, Ivory, and our most popular color Green.  Equipped with all the right colors is ready to dress you for any occasion.