Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update Your Wardrobe

Not many men in our society have the nerve to wear ties as daring and uncompromising as a Fushia necktie, or a 2 inch ultra skinny necktie, but this fall be the one who stands out from the rest of the typical same conservative crowd and be seen.

Join the multitude of young corporate men who know how it is to be fashionable in today’s corporate world. Now that everything is being reduced to regularity and herd mentality, wearing something that can redefine your personality is not only a challenge, but the right thing to do.

You can begin by getting a wardrobe overhaul—replacing your normal boring ties with Solid Skinny Red Neckties and then, your Reds with even brighter reds. It’s always great to be ahead of the curve. That way, you get to see where you’ve messed up in the past and you get to have the first glimpse of the future. These two always go side by side because you can’t really prepare for the future without having a good grasp of your past. That’s what the message that the Fushia Solid Neck Tie has for you—that we have to learn the past, live the present and look forward to the future, and look good doing it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Collegiate Striped Ties

With fall upon us and school right around the corner what better way to look your best and show pride in your school then with a Collegiate Striped Necktie. Of course the most common way of displaying loyalty to any sports team is to wear t-shirts or patches with the team’s logos. Fans will wear everything from jerseys to hoodies and everything in between. But how about when you have graduated from your university and you can no longer go to work wearing football jerseys or t-shirts? Should you stop showing your support for your school?

Of course not! For those who have joined the rat race, or in a corporate setting, there are sharp looking collegiate striped neckties that can be worn with the protocol shirt, slacks and jacket. Collegiate striped ties are normally worn in many offices, because obviously each of the professionals working in there came from one college or another. So whether you want to wear a Red and Black college striped tie or an Orange and navy striped tie, you will proudly proclaim your loyalty to your school without violating the dress code of the office.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rules of Neckties

There are certain rules you need to follow when choosing the right Necktie? The most important of these rules is to feel confident in your necktie selection. Imagine if you will, you are going to a semi formal outing and you want to dress appropriately, so you put on a khaki pair of pants, a sports blazer and a white shirt and between them, a Burgundy necktie. You would not only look sharp but you will be dressed appropriately for the right occasion.

Now what if you are wearing one of your best suits and some Italian Loafers and you are on your way to a wedding and you want to dress to impress, in order for you to complete your look you will need to have a European fashion tie. The type of fashion Neckties you choose should always be suitable for the event you are attending. If you follow these rules you can’t go wrong.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Collegiate Neckties

Auburn Tiger fans could not be happier. Their team won the National Championship and their star quarter back won the Heisman Trophy. They have always been loyal to their chosen team. This is definitely something to be proud of. They will always be happy to wear the Auburn Tigers color with pride in every kind of apparel like a Necktie.

This also holds true for any one with pride for their school or alma mater, and what better way to show off your colors then with a Collegiate Striped Necktie. I know Auburn fans are wearing the Navy and Orange college striped tie this year. So wear with pride a Red and Black College stripe Necktie, Gold and Black Collegiate necktie or whatever your school colors may be.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Add Designer brand Neckties to wardrobe

Many men need to expand their wardrobe. First thing a man can do is start buying designer brand goods. For example Designer Neckties such as Ted Baker are hard to resist. They are the essence of men’s fashion. The brand has become a staple of cosmopolitan men when asked about their most prized item in their wardrobe.

Ted Baker Neck Ties can become one of the newest additions to a man’s wardrobe. True to the Ted Baker brand of male species style and sophistication, these branded ties have the color combinations and patterns that a young executive would surely embrace.

The different designs that are placed on a diagonal pattern repeats all throughout the necktie. It perfectly fits any color of suit especially the darker ones worn over a white shirt. In fact, the versatility of the tie makes it one of Ted Bakers newest bestsellers. Most young achievers today wouldn’t want to go to their offices without their Ted Baker ensemble and everyone notices that as they walk passed the hall. Truly, a gentleman’s fashion must-have, the Ted Baker Necktie controls the first impression of people that really matter.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Right Necktie

Men should always wear appropriate neckwear. Whether for business meetings, formal events, weddings or a night out on the town a tie makes a man look more aptly dressed, with the requirement that the man is wearing a Necktie that matches his shirt and suit. The necktie, just like any other accessory, needs someone who knows how to use it in order to function well. You must have the proper length, colors and pattern for the right occasion. A very tall man in a navy suit, for instance, should wear extra long ties to compliment the suit. Whether or not there is a pattern on that tie, it still has to be extra long to balance the length of the torso of the person wearing it.

How does one choose a tie? If you are not sure about your sense of style, try to stick with the basics. A solid necktie is always a safe way to go, and a Striped Brown XL Tie will compliment any shade of navy suit, and shirt. This color necktie is also very subtle and can be matched with a good range of brown shirts, whether for office wear or evening wear. Stay away from prints that are too busy or too large. If you are still unsure about what looks good just be confident when wearing your clothes and you can’t go wrong.