Thursday, July 25, 2013

Must Add to Wardrobe

According to some of the top designers a must add to your wardrobe is the “Three Piece Suit” with an Ultra Skinny Necktie.   Fashion aficionados are seeing a switch from the two piece to the three piece suit.  The big extra you get is a Vest—which keeps you looking sharp when you remove your jacket, and the Ultra Skinny necktie will help accentuate the tapered look.  The two inch Tiffany Necktie is one of the hottest color selections for men this fall. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pretied Purple and Gold Bowtie.

The colors Purple and Gold are used by most Fashion houses to symbolize style and sophistication. Manufacturers around the world have taken advantage of color psychology to market their lines of Neck wear. This has made the Purple and Gold Pre-Tied bowtie the top choice among the rich and powerful. But there is a much better reason why men choose this particular Purple and Gold Pretied Bow tie and that would be the fact that it is created using high quality materials—from the finest micro fiber and silk with the most exquisite designs. No wonder why this Bow tie shapes into the perfect knot. The Pretied Bowties remarkable craftsmanship make it very comfortable to wear and easy to use. You won’t need your wife or girlfriend to tie it for you. That’s the purpose of the Pretied bow tie anyway—to save you from the daily routine of standing in front of the mirror and trying to get a perfect shape to your bow tie.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Every man’s wardrobe should contain a wide selection of  Neckties with different designs, colors, and styles to select from which will go well with any of the shirts and suits in your closet. It should be one of the most important accessories you own. When you put on a pair of slacks, shirt, and some classy shoes, the style of Necktie you choose brings your whole look together. A Classy Necktie can convey what kind of person you are, or what you do? It says I am a professional or I enjoy wearing ties for fun, just by the pattern and colors you choose.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Men should always wear the appropriate accessories when going to a formal function. Whether it’s a business meeting, formal event, wedding, or a night out on the town  A set of stylish cuff links will help you be more aptly dressed.  Of course if you are attending a Business function you wouldn’t want to be too flashy, instead put on a pair of conservative metal and stone cuff links.  Now if you are going to a wedding or a formal event you would want to wear a pair of over sized gold cuff links.  These fancy cuff links will definitely get you the attention you deserve.