Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big & Tall Bow Ties

Big and tall men sometimes have problems getting the ideal fit for them. Because cool styles are not always made with the Big and Tall male in mind. There are very restricted options when it comes to clothing and accessories, and if they go to a specialized Men’s shop they might have to pay top dollar.  Frequently, the styles are affected, and there are very few truly wonderful big designs that look good on a big man, and as described, they will break the bank. This becomes an actual task for the big and tall man, especially when it comes to Bow ties. First of all, there are not too many bow ties that are intended for big men. Secondly, very big bow ties are usually difficult to find. Fortunately there are Big and Tall Bow ties out in the marketplace that do not come with a hefty price. Take for example this Blue Silk-XL Bowtie.  This would be perfectly proportioned for the Big & Tall male who wants a sharp, sophisticated look.


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Just like everything in existence, the ever humble bow tie has it's point of origin as well. While it's lineage and history is not quite as interesting as the discovery of electricity, or the atom bomb, it is sort of clever. There are other things that have evolved into fashion after functionality, such as suspenders and the garter, but the bow tie stands right out in front, pun intended.
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kiddbradd said...

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