Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rules for looking your best!

There are some basic rules that men ignore, but must be aware of when dressing up for work or that special occasion.

The first rule is always be well groomed. Make sure you are clean shaven, or if you have a beard/mustache that it is trimmed properly, and always have your hair neatly combed with gel or mousse so it stays all day.

The next important rule is never wear jeans and sneakers to work. You are not going to a ball game so do not dress like you are. Make sure your wardrobe consists of kakis, chinos and dress slacks. Instead of sneakers get a comfy pair of loafers. When choosing the right shirt stick to subtle colors and prints that don’t stand out. The most popular shirt is the small pinstriped fitted shirt.

For more formal outings don’t be afraid to wear a suit. Power dressing is one way you can look your best. When choosing the proper suit keep in mind that during the winter months you wear darker colors and spring and summer you wear lighter shades.

One of the most common mistakes men do is to wear white socks. Never ever wear white socks unless you are in shorts and sneakers. Always choose dark colors that match the outfit you are wearing.

Finally choose wisely when it comes to your Belts and Ties. If we are talking about work then go with a conservative belt or Necktie, but if you are going out on the town then it is ok to be daring so bust out a Snakeskin belt or something retro.

Remember dressing properly does not have to be a chore and when you find the right look you will look good and feel confident in who you are.

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