Sunday, February 7, 2010

Striped Bow- ties one of the largest suppliers of neckties and bowties on the web has a brand new selection of striped bow ties in stock and ready to ship.

With the increasing demand for bowties both in the self tie striped bow tie and pre-tied striped bow tie styles we at spend a lot of time, money and travel into putting together selections of striped bow ties that are both in style and reasonably priced.

Having manufactured neckties for the past 12 years both in Italy and Asia and supplying them to the men's clothing market in both the USA and South America we have learnt a lot in what it takes to bring a high quality value priced necktie to the marketplace.
Our knowledge of production, experience and relationships with our suppliers gave us the opportunity to be one of the first online stores to offer a value priced bowtie direct to the public long before many of the other companies knew it was possible.

Having just returned from a buying trip to Europe and Asia we have once again moved forward with the ever changing silk technology in the production of our bowties. Simply put the manufacturers of the Weaving Looms in Germany are constantly upgrading their technology resulting in a loom that spins raw silk and weaves designs to be more efficient and spin more intricate designs.

Our long standing relationships with some of the more progressive manufacturers have allowed us access to the new technology long before a lot of smaller manufacturing companies can even afford these looms. is proud to offer self tie striped bow ties and pre-tied stripe bow ties direct to the public starting at $14.95

Our striped bow tie designs includes:

Fashion Striped Bowties
Traditional Stripe Bowties
College Stripe Bowties
( better know as the Military Repp Stripe Bowtie ) &
Diamond Tip Stripe Bowties

In addition we cover a wide range of colors ranging from basic colors ie: Red striped bowties, Blue striped bowties & Yellow Striped bowties to the more fashionable colors ie: Green striped bow ties, Pink striped bow ties and Orange striped bow ties.

While there are many good online companies who sell striped bowties, have good looking designs and also are value priced it is important to remember that quality is important as lesser quality silks and weaves tend to fray and come apart easily.

So why not pick up a few striped bow ties today. offers a 25% discount when four items are purchased as will as free shipping on all orders regardless of size.

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