Saturday, February 6, 2010

Self Tie Bow Ties

With the increased popularity in bow ties we have received many calls in the past few months asking the same question.

Are self-tie bow ties the type of bow ties that I must tie myself?

The answer to this question as simple as it seems is - YES!! has established itself as one of the largest suppliers of self tie bowties on the web. Our selection includes over 250 different designs and colors of self tie bow ties including:

Stripe self tie bowties
College stripe self tie bowties
Dot self tie bowties
Paisley self tie bowties
Pattern self tie bowties

These designs each come in many colors including but not limited to;

Black self tie bow ties
Red self tie bow ties
Green self tie bow ties &
Yellow self tie bow ties

While many people may get nervous at the thought of having to learn to tie a bow tie it is not as difficult as it may seem.
There are many informative videos on the internet showing one how to tie a self tie bowtie. also has a informative diagram showing you how to tie a bow tie. This can be found by clicking HERE. also has a video on the history of bow ties on
You can view this video by clicking HERE.

While size of the bow varies the standard for the industry for self tie bow ties is 2.50 inches - 2.75 inches high.

Shape also varies by preference with the majority of wearers preferring the classic Butterfly Shaped Bow Tie.

All of the Self tie bowties on qualify for the 25% off discount when you purchase any four items. We also offer free shipping on all orders. Please see our web-site for more information on shipping and promotions.

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