Friday, February 5, 2010

Extra Long Neckties the largest online web-store for Tall Ties has just added a new selection of Long Ties to their online store.

While most people make their tall ties at 62 inches long, at all of our extra-long ties are 64 inches long.
Up to now the tall man has always had a problem finding a selection of tall ties that rival the selection available for the man who required a regular length necktie.

Well look no further. carries a very large and diverse line of long ties with over 325 different designs and colors to choose from.

With such a large selection of tall ties we cover all patterns of extra-long ties including:

Striped long ties , Long Ties with Dots , Paisley extra-long ties & Solid extra-long ties.

While you may think we have a lot of different designs , we also carry these designs in all basic colors :
and if thats not enough we also carry fashion colors in long ties.

These include:
and many many more.
So you get it. carries extra-long ties for every persons preference.

In addition, all of our Long Ties qualify for the 25% off discount is you purchase any four items on our website.

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