Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Item - Tie Bars one the largest and diverse online web-stores for Neckties and Bowties has just added Tie Bars more commonly known as Tie Clips to their online store.

There have been many forms of Tie - Control accessories over the years including Clips, Chains and Pins. All these devices were designed with the same purpose in mind. That is to keep the tie from flapping, falling or presenting anything other than a neat appearance.

The clip which lies under the bar clips to the underlying shirt front preventing the tie from swinging and ensuring it hangs straight resulting in a neat uniform appearance.

These Tie Bars come in different color metals such as a Silver Tie Bar or a Gold Tie Bar and may also come in a variety of designs. Some Tie Bars even have small gem stones. has 36 new designs in both Silver and Gold and a host of different styles.

This selection makes it possible for everyone to find a Tie Bar that bests suits their taste.

These Tie Bars sell for $14.95 and as always offers their free shipping as well as their buy 3 get 1 free offer on all items.

So why not try one today. The Tie Bar makes for the perfect accessory or gift.

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