Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seersucker Bowties

Once again stays with their reputation of being one of the leaders in the online neckwear and bowtie reatiling by introducing their First collection of Seersucker Bowties on their web-site.

These Seersucker Bow Ties are hand made in Italy using the finest fabrics and craftsmanship.
Rather than using a less costly thin cotton fabric ( typically used in the maufacture of Seersucker ) we have stayed with our focus of exceptional quality fabrics and have used a high-end Silk to get the same look in our entire line of seersucker bowties.
Our entire range of Seersucker bowties were hand made in Como, Italy using the highest quality maufacturing standards.

Traditional Seersucker is made with a thin, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or checkered, and is used to make clothing for spring and summer wear.

Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance .
The most common colors for Seersucker are white and blue; however, we have produced our range of seersucker bowties in a wide variety of colors alternating colored stripes and puckered white stripes slightly wider than pin stripes to give the bowtie its wrinkled look.
Seersucker Bowties are targeted to the image concious man who likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion.
At $39.95 the price of our Seersucker Bowties can be compared with similar bowties that may be found in high-end department stores for upwards of $85.00
Why not add a few to your wardrobe today. Trust us on this. Not only will you be unique but the compliments will keep on coming in.

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