Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dress to be a Ladies Man

Do you want to be the kind of man who cares about the way he looks? Are you always updated with the latest trends, and are you always enthusiastic about what you are wearing for any activity you go into. If you are, good for you, because not many men will be this detailed about the way they look and being this detailed simply means that you are a man who loves class and distinction. One important way to show distinction is to not repeat the same neckties you wear to work in a week’s time.

Always make sure that you wear the right Fashion Necktie to accompany your outfit, and your suits are well fitting, without creases, and not sloppy looking. Though some men think it is not very masculine to be so detailed women love a well dressed man because it shows you have attention to detail and woman love that. They want men who pay attention to detail, who does not settle for just anything that can be had around the corner. Women want men who dictate the level of standard he wishes to follow, and follows it fervently. And so if you are the type of man who can tell the difference between a pink necktie and fuchsia one, or Purple and eggplant necktie then rejoice, because you are certainly going to be more desirable than those who can’t.

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