Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing Times

There are so many changes happening in and around the world, and these changes are definitely something we have never witnessed before. This holds true now more then ever with fashion. People are dressing up very differently; much different from the way they used to dress years ago. Nowadays people are not afraid to defy principle, to dress according to what they want to wear. They can wear their Skinny Neckties not just to work but even for a day in the park. They no longer reserve their Red Aficionado necktie to a board meeting. Even the twenty something crowd are wearing much more formal wear and that may be a good sign because it can only mean that they are not as conscious of age differences as before. It means that they are opening up to new conventions, to broader experiences. Maybe it even means that the younger generation of today is being more mature, more responsible. They no longer fear the necktie and the corporate wear and what it represents. Instead, they find ways to be comfortable in their own style. Regardless off your age a good looking necktie is always in fashion.

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