Friday, October 28, 2011


Patriotism is defined as the devotion to one’s country, and there are many different ways you can show patriotism. You can join the armed forces to serve your country, but that might not be a viable option for you.

Well even a simple act can be considered patriotism. If you follow traffic rules, or you don’t litter in the streets, or you plant a tree those are all acts of patriotism. That means that you are doing something to make sure that your nation is protected against human misuse and that your fellow countrymen will get to enjoy the same beautiful nation you have experienced. A third and very simple way to show patriotism is to wear a Flag Necktie. When you walk into your office or attend a formal event and you are looking sharp in your suit, put on an American Flag Bowtie and people will know that you are passionate and loyal about your country.

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richardwilkins said...

I wonder how it looks a bow ties with a U.S. flag imprinted on it.