Monday, August 24, 2009

Silk or Polyester - Which is best for me? a leading supplier of online men's silk neckties, bowties, ascots and men's accessories carries a full line of both men's silk neckties and men's polyester novelty neckties. only carries Polyester neckties in the Novelty Ties category. All other categories are made from silk.

To know what's the correct material for you it is good to know the difference between a silk necktie and a polyester necktie.


Silk is made from silk worms and is a natural fiber. Silk is more breathable than polyester although this is not an important factor when choosing a men's necktie, bowtie or ascot.
Being a natural fiber silk is more expensive than polyester thus a silk necktie will be more expensive than a polyester necktie.


Polyester is made from petrochemicals. Polyester looks like silk except the older types of polyester are non-iron and the fabric is not breathable so you get very hot and sweaty.
Once again this is not an important factor when choosing a men's necktie, bowtie or ascot.
As polyester is essentially a plastic man made fiber and it is a lot cheaper than a silk necktie.

A major plus for polyester is being that it is a man made fiber it absorbs dye's a lot better than silk. It is for this reason that the majority of novelty neckties are printed on polyester rather than silk.

How to tell the difference between Silk and Polyester

Fabric technology has advanced so much over the last decade that it is very difficult to tell the difference between a silk woven necktie and a polyester woven necktie.
There are many ways to test if a necktie is silk or polyester. The quickest way is to look at the content tab as this will state what fabric the necktie is made from. Other more technical ways are available and can be found by researching the web.

So to answer the question of which necktie is best for you a silk necktie or a polyester necktie it is up to the individual.

If you are looking for a necktie that is of a high quality then go for the silk necktie, bowtie or ascot.
If you are looking for a novelty necktie then the polyester necktie will look better as the colors will be richer and brighter.
If on a strict budget then you would definitely want to go with a polyester necktie.

So why not pick up a couple of neckties today. Remember to Dress for Success.

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