Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Line of Dot Ascots and Solid Ascots a leading online supplier of Men's Neckties, Bowties and Ascots has just received their new line of Solid Ascots and Dot Ascots.

These Dot Ascots and Solid Ascots are printed on a very lightweight Silk therefore making them very comfortable when worn against the skin.

The Ascots are very competeively priced at $26.95 and are individually packed in a plastic sleeve.

The Solid Ascots include all the basic colors as well as a few fashion colors for the Fall Season namely, Chocolate Brown, Purple , Raspberry and Navy Ascots to name but a few.

The same applies to the Dot Ascots where we have used the basic colors ie: raspberry with white dots - black with white dots - navy with white dots.

We have also switched things around and have included color combinations such as Yellow with Black Dots - Purple with White Dots - Red with Navy Dots as well as a Formal White with Red Dots, Navy Dots and Black Dots.

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