Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pocket Squares - High-end vs Mainstrean a leading online supplier of Men's Neckties, Bowties and Ascots has just received their new line of Italian Pocket Squares.

A brief explanation of a high end pocket square:

These pocket squares are in a different league to the mass produced pocket squares. They are typically carried only by high end department stores and men's stores and sell for between $55.00- $95.00. They are a lot more vibrant. The colors are up to date with the latest fashions and more importantly the designs and patterns are very unique. If you like to be different and stand out in a crowd then this is what you want in a pocket square.
You will not find a tie to match. These are meant to compliment and complete an outfit.

The high end pocket squares are made from silk that is either woven or printed for the sole purpose of making a pocket square. The edges are also rolled and hand stitched.
It is for this reason that you will see many designs where the borders are different to the centre of the pocket square. There are also solid pocket squares where the pocket square is divided into four equal quarters with each being a different shade of the color. For example four shades of Pink , Green or Blue.

A brief explanation of a regular pocket square

In short regular pocket squares are cut from the same fabric as the ties are made from. The price of these range from $8.00 - $18.00. The determing factor is the size of the pocket square and the type of fabric used. A large silk pocket square will cost a lot more than a smaller silk or polyester pocket square

Now we are not saying that there is anything wrong with the regular pocket squares. In fact has a large selection of these pocket squares which can be found on our web-site on the regular pocket square page.

A pocket square is a relatively cheap way to make an outfit stand out. It conveys a message of style and sophistication. It expresses ones personality. It makes the outfit.

So whether you are looking for a gift or for something to complete your outfit why not pick up a couple of our Italian Pocket Squares.

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