Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Italian Bow-Ties

Hand Made Italian Bow Ties also known as “Aficionado” Neck-wear were once only worn by the very wealthy discerning Gentleman.  But thanks to online retailers like buyyourties.com the everyday man can add the Aficionado Bowties to there wardrobe.  This high end Necktie line uses 100% Italian Silk and every tie is hand made to perfection.  The pure Italian silk delivers vibrant colors including Lavender and Red striped styles as well as Paisley & Geometric Italian silk designs.  These Italian Hand Made Bow Ties use to be only found exclusively in men’s boutiques and ranged anywhere from $110 to $180.  But with hot new designers on the rise, more fashion houses are turning to on line sites to promote their high end goods.

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