Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Is a Bolo Tie?

A Bolo tie or (string tie) as it is called are usually associated with western wear.  They are made out of a braided leather string with metal dangling tips on each end that are held together by a decorative medallion.  This medallion slides up and down so you can adjust it to whatever position you desire.  Most of the time it is worn under the shirt collar but can also be worn hanging like a necklace.

In regions like Montana, Arizona and Texas, the western-style Bolo Tie may be very informal to some, but to the sophisticated western crowd a Bolo tie is as much a formal tie as an Aficionado necktie or Self tie bow tie, and it is perfectly accepted in business and formal occasions. Men's fashion expert Will Powers described it as "cowboy-inspired," which is how the world views it. The rules are really the same for all western wear.

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