Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion Conscience

If you are a Fashion conscience male then here are few tips for you.  Make sure that your shirt is neatly pressed, your shoes and cufflinks are polished, and your pocket square goes perfectly with your Men's Silk Bowtie.  There are so many different style of Bowties too choose from, like the Standard size Izod Self-tie Bowtie or the Sean John Over Sized Bowtie.  Whatever you select, make sure that all the things you are wearing fit you perfectly so that you do not look sloppy.  Be sure that your pants fit you well because you might not be able to move and walk around if your pants aren’t correctly sized. Then you need to choose the correct shoes to go with your outfit. The minute you stand up, your shoes will certainly attract attention and it only takes one glance for people to evaluate your whole outfit.  And don’t forget to wear the right socks! Remember to wear longer socks, and of course choose a color that will be right for your outfit. Remember to dress in accordance with the situation and always feel confident in yourself and you can’t go wrong.

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