Friday, May 29, 2009

How do I take care of a Silk Necktie?

As we all know silk is a very delicate fabric and therefore needs to be looked after carefully.

Over the years I have been asked on numerous occasions how to take care of a necktie.

I have listed a few of the most common questions and the answers we generally give to those who ask.

Can I dry clean my Silk Necktie?

Dry cleaning a necktie is NOT recommended. The reason is while dry cleaning may remove a stain the dry cleaners will iron the tie. By doing this the rolled edges of the tie will be ironed flat and what you will get back from the dry cleaner is a clean piece of flat silk.

Can I fold my Necktie?

Generally it is not a good idea to fold your necktie. If you travel and need to take your necktie these are the best ways to transport the tie.
1) Fold the necktie in half and then in half again and keep it in the pocket of your jacket or coat.
2) Roll your necktie. If you do this you will need to get a cylindrical tie case to put the tie in.
3) Purchase a necktie case which will allow you to store a few ties when folded. These cases are light and can be put in any suitcase or travel bag.

A good tip is when you reach your destination hang the ties in the bathroom while taking a shower. The steam will get rid of any wrinkles.

What is the best way to remove a stain or spot from my Necktie?

The answer to this is simple. Don't use your necktie as a cloth or napkin. When eating take your tie off, flip it over your shoulder or tuck it into your shirt and then tuck a napkin in your shirt collar. There is nothing more noticeable than a tie that has a stain on it.

How do I remove a wrinkle from my Necktie?

Wrinkles can be steamed out with a small hand steamer or as previously mentioned hang it in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.
If you try to iron it make sure you put a damp cloth on top of the tie and then with the iron setting on silk or delicate lightly iron the tie. Be careful not to press too hard as you do not want to iron the edges flat.

In conclusion treat your neckties as the delicate piece of clothing they are. Make sure you undo the knot at the end of each day the same way you make it. Carefully!
If you pull the knot to undo it you will stretch the interlining thus causing the tie to lose its shape.

Please keep in mind that these are merely our suggestions. We are not dry cleaners or fashion consultants. Speak to people who wear ties on a daily basis and ask them how they take care of their ties. It is amazing on how creative some people are when it comes to taking care of their belongings.

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